MoYu GuanLong Skewb

MoYu GuanLong SkewbThe GuanLong Skewb is another new product from MoYu. It is characterized by high quality and attractive appearance. The model is m..


Skewb MoFangGe QiHeng

Skewb MoFangGe QiHengThe given model is the second high-speed skewb from MoFangGe. The first version was a great success with the speedcuber, that is..



One of the rather unusual puzzles is a skewb. Visually it looks like a cube, its sectors are segments of different sizes and different geometric shapes but not regular cubes arranged in rows. The elements of such a structure rotate and change their position in relation to each other.

The rotation of the faces isn’t horizontal or vertical, but rather parallel to the diagonals of the cube. The construction design has centers on each face and 8 elements arranged around it. They can have a square or triangular shape.

Competitions with skewb are held. That is why every self-respecting speedcuber has such a puzzle in his collection.

In our online store you can buy this puzzle of different level. You can buy a budget mechanical model or you can immediately opt for a high-speed magnetic version that will help you adequately show your strength at competitions.

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