Other Unusual Cubes

Axis cube (Black)

Axis cube (Black)The Axis cube is another variation of the cube. The difficulty of assembling such a model is that in the disassembled state the str..


Cuboid MoYu YJ Floppy 1x3x3

Cuboid MoYu YJ Floppy 1x3x3Every self-respecting cuber should have puzzles of different types and levels in the collection. A very interesting optio..


Dino Cube MoFangGe

Dino CubeThe given version of the puzzle was invented many years ago. In the model only the corners rotate and each side is divided into 4 segments...


MoFangGe Ivy Cube

MoFangGe Ivy CubeThis wonderful hybrid from MoFangGe combines elements of a skewb and a pyramid. This model of the Ivy Cube series has an unusual d..


MoYu MF Barrel Redi Cube

MoYu MF Barrel Redi CubeMoYu engineers have surpassed themselves and released a new collector's wonder in the shape of a cylinder. The whole puzzle..


MoYu MFJS Pandora Cube

MoYu MFJS Pandora CubeAt first sight the given model seems rather ordinary. But after keeping an eye on it you realise that the position of elements..


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