MoYu 5x5 AoChuang GTS M

MoYu 5x5 AoChuang GTS M

  • Brand: MoYu
  • Product Code: MoYu 5x5 AoChuang GTS M
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  • $39.99

MoYu 5x5 AoChuang GTS M

The AoChuang GTS M is a sort of experiment from the MoYu Company. The predecessor of the cube is non-magnetic version. After that the designers tried to exclude all current mistakes and create a more advanced model by adding magnets. They perfectly stabilize the cube and make the rotation smoother and easier. The product is sold in a beautiful black and gold branded box.

Product features:

·       Manufacture: MoYu

·       Color: multi-color

·       Size: 63x63x63 mm

Weight: 156 grams

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