MoYu 2x2 MF2S MoFangJiaoShi

MoYu 2x2 MF2S MoFangJiaoShi

  • Brand: MoYu
  • Product Code: MoYu 2x2 MF2S
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  • $5.99

MoYu 2xMF2S MoFangJiaoShi

2x2 Cube from MoYu and its subbrand MoFangJiaoShi is affordable. This model will be perfect for puzzle amateurs and beginners. Bright colored plastic without stickers is nice on the touch and lies well in hands. Despite the affordable price it is distinguished by a smooth rotation. For sure, it can’t boast of a fine adjustment of the mechanism and isn’t recommended for speed assembly, but the level of corner cutting is presentable enough. The puzzle won’t go all to rack and ruin after the first careless movement and won’t jam.

Product features:

·       Manufacture: MoYu

·       Release date: November, 2016

·       Color: multi-color

·       Size: 50x50x50 mm

·       Weight: 72 grams

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