Mirror Cubes

Mirror MoFangGe Cube

Mirror MoFangGe CubeMoFangGe has released a silver mirror cube. It has a standard size of a 3x3 model. The peculiarity of the cube is that..


Mirror Cube

If you are an experienced solver and you want something unusual and more complicated we recommend you to pay attention to the Mirror Cube. It is extremely popular among professional speedcubers.

There are a lot of unusual moments in this model. Firstly, it is the absence of colors. Traditionally they are manufactured in gold and silver colors. Althought, you can find the Mirror Cube in black and red colors.

Secondly, all segments have different size. However, the biggest oddity of the Mirror Cube is that it looks like shapeless crystal when unassembled. During the assembly process you have to focus not on the color but on the shape of individual parties. Telling the truth, to master such a cube is really very interesting. Concentration on the tactual sensation and the shape of parties will allow you to develop absolutely new skills.

In our online catalogue you can find beautiful and unusual models of the Mirror Cube of different colors and sizes.  

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