GAN 4x4x4 460 MAGNETIC

GAN 4x4x4 460 MAGNETIC

  • Brand: GAN
  • Product Code: GAN 4x4x4 460 MAGNETIC
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GAN 4x4x4 460 MAGNETIC

The cube is the first model of 4x4 size from GAN. It combines all the best qualities of a modern professional cube: stability, speed, smoothness and control. The inner filling is made of black durable plastic. The outer surface is made of colored material. All rubbing surfaces have a form of a honeycomb due to this the lubricant is distributed as smoothly as possible. The magnets are located in transparent capsules and are reliably fixed.

Product features:

·       Manufacture: GAN

·       Color: multi-color

·       Size: 60x60x60 mm

Weight: 138 grams

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