Delivery Information

How to make an order

You can make an order by phone +17206618288 (use WhatsApp)



Order through the form on the website:


On the product description page, click on the "Add to cart" button

Next, you will be directed to the shopping cart page, to place an order, you need to click on the "Checkout" button or "Continue shopping" if you want to add other products.

Next, you will be redirected to the checkout page. On this page, you need to fill in the fields with information for payment and delivery. After filling in the required fields, enter payment card details for payment.

Done! We will call you back to confirm your order.


Exchange and return

if you received the goods and are dissatisfied with its quality, contact us by the phone number indicated on the website and we will refund your money!.


IMPORTANT! If you have not received the goods, you need to contact the technical service online store support by phone +17206618288 (use WhatsApp)

 or e-mail: Managers will advise you.


When paying by card:

After making a payment using a bank card, it is necessary to save the received card checks (confirmation of payment) for reconciliation with the statement from the card account (in order to confirm the operations performed in case of disputes).

If you have not received your order (the service has not been provided), you need to contact (technical support) by phone +17206618288 (use WhatsApp). Managers will advise you.


When paying with a bank payment card, a refund is made to the card with which the payment was made.


Promotions and discounts

You have noticed that there are several promotions on our website at the same time. But remember - Discounts are not cumulative! Only one discount can be used when purchasing a single item.