Cubes 7x7

7x7 MoYu YJ YuFu v2 Magnetic

7x7 MoYu YJ YuFu v2 MagneticNew budget version of a 7x7 cube from YongJun. The model has a relatively small size and is made of qualitative colored p..


MofangGe QiXing S 7x7x7

MofangGe QiXing S 7x7x7MoFangGe constantly surprises everyone with the release of a new product. This time the company launched the QiXing S 7x7. Th..


7x7 Cubes

The variety of such puzzles as cubes has significantly broadened in comparison with the end of the past century. The 7x7 Cube is assembled by definite sequential actions as all previous models. However, there are parities during the process of assembly that can be solved only by knowing special algorithms.

It has been estimated that there are more than 43 quintillion combinations for the 3x3 cube. Accordingly, there are significantly more combinations for the 7x7 model. But herein, it has already been mathematically proved that any arrangement of the color segments of the 7x7 Cube can be solved just in 20 moves. In this case, 1 move is equal to 1 rotation of any facet.

The 7x7 model is included in speedcubing championships. It is worth mentioning that it is the largest of all disciplines. In our online store you can buy excellent 7x7 models and learn how to assemble them by mastering a special algorithm. Magnetic models are characterized by smoothness and easiness of rotation. They fit comfortably in your hand and are pleasant to the touch. Often the kit includes replaceable magnets and a key for adjustment. As a result, everyone will be able to adjust the cube for themselves.

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