Cubes 4x4

4x4 MoFangGe QiYuan S

4x4 MoFangGe QiYuan S The latest novelty of the Qi line is presented by the MoFangGe Company. It is a colourful and pleasantly tactile 4x4 puzzle th..


4x4 MoYu YJ RuiSu

4x4 MoYu YJ RuiSu The MoYu Company continues to surprise its fans. A new budget line Rui is a great 4x4 cube. It fully meets the requirements of mode..


4x4 MoYu YJ YuSu v2 M

4x4 MoYu YJ YuSu v2 M YJ has updated at almost all the cubes of the Yu line. Now it is the turn of the 4x4 version. This cube has an affordable pri..


GAN 4x4x4 460 MAGNETIC

GAN 4x4x4 460 MAGNETICThe cube is the first model of 4x4 size from GAN. It combines all the best qualities of a modern professional cube: stability,..


MoYu 4x4 MF4S MoFangJiaoShi

MoYu 4x4 MF4S MoFangJiaoShiThe MoYu Company has launched another competitive cube in the 4x4 size. It is a bright representative of the new budget li..


YuXin 4x4 Little Magic M

YuXin 4x4 Little Magic MThe line Little Magic from YuXin comprises a huge amount of magnetic puzzles.  The company introduced a model of a 4x4..


4x4 Cubes

The 4x4 Cube is included in the list of disciplines in official speedcubing competitions This version of the puzzle is more complicated in comparison with the standard the 3x3 Cube.

In addition to a clear understanding of the formulas and principles of assembly it is extremely important to be attentive while assembling the 4x4 Cube. The main feature of this puzzle is that it doesn’t have clear centers at the edges. The point is that firstly it is important to assemble four cubes on each side in the center and only then proceed to the rest of the parts.

Beginners will have to learn to think differently and learn a few additional formulas. For those who want to reach certain heights of speedcubing it is worth studying such a method of assembly as the Yau Method. It certainly contradicts the standard principles but significantly speeds up the assembly process.

In our online store, customers can find all the top latest releases of the 4x4 Cubes. High-speed magnetic versions are perfect for professional solvers and will take a worthy place in their collection. Due to the strong magnets the puzzle becomes extremely controlled and fast. Mechanical models with smooth motion will be suitable for beginners.

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