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2x2 MoYu YJ MGC Magnetic

2x2 MoYu YJ MGC MagneticThe launch of this model has proved that products of a mid-price segment can be qualitative and high-speed. The 2x2 MoYu YJ M..


3x3 GAN 356 I

3x3 GAN 356 I 3x3 GAN 356 I is a unique smart cube. It is a speed version of the puzzle with its own style, design and advanced structure. Due to t..


3х3 GAN 356 X v2

3х3 GAN 356 X v2The given model of the GAN company has brought together the best characteristics of previous versions and added some novelties. The ..


3х3х3 MoFangGe QiYi Valk 3

3х3х3 MoFangGe QiYi Valk 3A high speed cube Valk 3 is the most desirable product from MoFangGe. It is regarded as a serious competitor to the best sp..


4x4 MoYu YJ YuSu v2 M

4x4 MoYu YJ YuSu v2 M YJ has updated at almost all the cubes of the Yu line. Now it is the turn of the 4x4 version. This cube has an affordable pri..


5x5 MoFangGe Valk 5M Color

5x5 MoFangGe Valk 5M ColorMoFangGe has launched a cube of a 5x5 size – Valk 5M Color – it’s a sequel of The Valk line. This cube is popular among top..


5x5 YJ MGC Black

5x5 YJ MGC BlackOne of the latest models in the 5x5 segment is the MGC from YJ. It is a magnetic version with a stable structure and excellent w..


5x5 YJ MGC Color

5x5 YJ MGC ColorOne of the latest models in the 5x5 segment is the MGC from YJ. It is a magnetic version with a stable structure and excellent well-b..


7x7 MoYu YJ YuFu v2 Magnetic

7x7 MoYu YJ YuFu v2 MagneticNew budget version of a 7x7 cube from YongJun. The model has a relatively small size and is made of qualitative colored p..


Cube 2x2 MoYu YJ RuiPo

Cube 2x2 MoYu YJ RuiPoMoYu Company is fond of surprise their customers. The 2x2 MoYu is a bright model of a budget price. It is made of qualitative c..


GAN 354 M

GAN 354 MIn 2008 the cube GAN 354 M was launched. It immediately gained great popularity among speedcubers. The peculiarities of the model are follow..


Gan 356 Air

Gan 356 AirThe given model is called ‘air’ not for nothing. With a standard size of 56 mm it weighs only 73 grams and can be assembled even with one..


GAN 4x4x4 460 MAGNETIC

GAN 4x4x4 460 MAGNETICThe cube is the first model of 4x4 size from GAN. It combines all the best qualities of a modern professional cube: stability,..


Mat MoFangGe 560x300 mm

Mat MoFangGe 560x300 mmThere is no need to consider that the speedcubing mat is an odd element. It helps to show the seriousness of the process and,..


Mat MoFangGe 800x300 mm

Mat MoFangGe 800x300 mmMany companies that produce puzzles also manufacture various accessories for speedcubing. The most popular accessory among co..


MoFangGe X-man Bell Pyraminx

MoFangGe X-man Bell PyraminxMoFangGe keeps up with the times and presents the X-man Bell magnetic pyramid to experienced speedcubers. This high-spee..


MoYu 5x5 AoChuang GTS M

MoYu 5x5 AoChuang GTS MThe AoChuang GTS M is a sort of experiment from the MoYu Company. The predecessor of the cube is non-magnetic version. After ..


MoYu Timer

MoYu TimerFor mastering the art of speedcubing it isn’t enough to have just a cube, the timer is also needed. MoYu pleased the customers with such a..


MoYu YJ 3x3 MGC v2

MoYu YJ 3x3 MGC v2The YJ MGC v2 3x3 is just a breakthrough in an average budget category among puzzles. It the first magnetic model that is made of p..


Timer Mat Stackmat Pro Mat G4

Timer Mat Stackmat Pro Mat G4Puzzle manufactures take care of speedcubers comfort. SpeedStack has developed and released the Stackmat Pro Mat G4, a..


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