6x6 MoFangGe QiFan S

6x6 MoFangGe QiFan S

  • Brand: MoFangGe
  • Product Code: 6x6 MoFangGe QiFan S
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6x6 MoFangGe QiFan S

The line Qi from MoFangGe has appeared on the market many years ago and has different models of puzzles. However, the 6x6 option   hadn’t appeared for a long period of time. And it was not for nothing, the developers were able to evaluate all the faults of the previous models and create something unique and qualitative. The result is a cube with a fast and smooth rotation. It fits well in your hand and is great for both beginners and experienced speedcubers.

Product features:

·       Manufacture: MoFangGe

·       Color: multi-color

·       Size: 68x68x68 mm

Weight: 206 grams

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