3х3х3 GAN 356 AIR SM

3х3х3 GAN 356 AIR SM

  • Brand: GAN
  • Product Code: 3х3х3 GAN 356 AIR SM
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3х3х3 GAN 356 AIR SM

In the case of the given model the manufactures have significantly renovated the construction and have conducted a serious piece of work on its modernization. Despite the presence of magnets the cube isn’t heavy. Most of the details have a honeycomb surface. It allows the lubricant to be distributed and makes the rotation very quiet and smooth. The magnets are located in special slots and the updated construction of the crosspiece provides stability in fixing the nuts. The cube comes with 7 sets of springs, a key for adjustment and a branded case.

Product features:

·       Manufacture: GAN

·       Color: black with stickers

·       Size: 56x56x56 mm

Weight: 76 grams

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